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Indie Cine Weekly: “Locke”

  Indie Cine Weekly — An Independent Film Reflection Series I'm always intrigued by films that choose to make their characters prisoners to a particular location. In the last decade and a half we have seen this used in a variety of ways to different degrees. Robert Zemeckis crafted an incredible character-driven survival story with Tom Hanks in the 2000 Oscar-nominated feature Cast … [Read More...]

Staff Picks: Top 5 Holiday Movie Favorites

In the spirit of the Holidays, the Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival staff have each submitted their favorite films of the season. 5. The Ref (1994) In this R-rated Christmas comedy, Gus (Denis Leary) plays an cat burglar abandoned by his featherbrained partner in the middle of a heist. Gus is forced to take an aggravating couple, Lloyd (Kevin Spacey) and Caroline (Judy Davis) hostage. … [Read More...]